Mature woman’s black panties

A week ago a friend of mine had invited me to attend the courses of French language. I didn’t mind, as wanted to begin learning French a long ago. The group was of 10 people, mostly the girls, all seemed to me pretty sexy and attractive. But the hottest woman was the courses teacher, maybe she is 35 years old, so juicy and yummy. She wore a deep neckline, from which her large breasts were trying to jump out.  I could not help myself, could not listen to her, but only stared at her puffy feminine body. I decided to take a few private lessons. On the next individual session a few days ago, while we were sitting in front of each other, I dropped a pen and bend down to get it. I saw her legs wide, and the black panties under her skirt. There was a fire deep inside of me, I would like to put my hand under the skirt and touch her juicy pussy – what a fancy story appeared in my mind! I thought that I couldn’t even move. When I got up, she was smiling and asked me, what took me so long down there? In my head I’ve been scrolling the pictures of her legs, skirt, panties … At the end of the lesson she put down her phone number on a paper and gave it to me. She understood everything! Got to call her some time)

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