Spying at the bathroom

One day my former group mate called, and asked me to stay at my apartment for a couple days. She lives in another city, but should come to attend the conference here. I was glad because always wanted to take a look under her skirt, when we lived in the university hostel. I’ve met her, we came up to my place and had a sweet talk during the whole evening, drinking wine – everything was great. It was about midnight and we decided to get ready to sleep. I really liked her and decided to have sex with her tonight. She asked for a towel and went into the shower. I put on the sheets for us, and by corner of my eye I saw that the door to the bathroom was opened crack. Don’t know if she did it with purpose, or just forgot to close the door. I approached to the door quietly, and began to spy how she’s taking a shower. From what I saw it started to pulse in my temples – her beautiful breasts with hard nipples, her lovely legs… During the whole evening I wanted to see her naked! And when she bends forward, I saw her juicy pussy, which is shaved, smooth and slightly bulged out. I was watching her as long as my patience is not over, then opened the door and said that I want her.
She did not confused and invited me to join her in the shower. We spent a wonderful night…

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